Monday, February 17, 2014

Shawl Week

I knit a fair amount of shawls but I don't wear them, so when I finish one it's not unusual for it to end up in a corner somewhere after blocking never to be seen again. I had a bit of a backlog so this week on the blog is officially Shawl Week.

I'll start with my most recent finish, the Follow Your Arrow KAL shawl by Ysolda Teague. I've never knit a mystery KAL before, or even a regular KAL, but I've knit several of Ysolda's patterns and I trusted that I wouldn't end up with an ugly mishmash at the end.

Follow Your Arrow KAL

Every week it was a fun exercise of agonizing over which clue to knit and peeking at spoilers to help me make up my mind. I don't plan to knit another of these immediately but I could see myself making another on down the road, just to see what some of the other clues were like. My final combination ended up being BAABA.

Follow Your Arrow KAL

I didn't measure, but the shawl ended up being a nice reasonably large size and ate up about 1.5 skeins of malabrigo sock in Ravelry Red. I love this color so much that this is the second shawl I knit in this exact yarn (no clue what happened to the first one). I used my new hiya hiya sharp interchangeables and I think they are my new favorite needles.

Follow Your Arrow KAL

I also tried string blocking for the first time and it definitely made it easier and smoother. I might become a convert and pick up a set of blocking wires after all.

This FO was one of my first quarter FAL goals.


gingermakes said...

This is gorgeous! The red is a beautiful choice!

Kelli said...

So beautiful, Sara! Loved seeing your progress on IG. Wish I knew how to knit...

Erin @ Why Not Sew? Quilts said...

this is so pretty! gorgeous!

Crystal said...

This shawl is beautiful! I love how it curves so well around the neck and the lace is so pretty! Are you going to wear it to work one day? You should!!

Jacey said...

I just love your version! It's such a great color, I agree. Just printed clue 5!! And I'm guessing that Orchid Thief might make it's debut this week??

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