Friday, January 10, 2014

A scarf for Jacey

I have gotten tremendously lazy about taking pictures of my FOs. it's so much easier just to bust out the phone than it is to use my canon. But I promise to try my best to take nicer photos of the things I finish, which at this time of year is not an easy promise to make. but anyways here we go...

Jacey's birthday scarf

At last year's Finger Lakes Fiber Festival I spotted some hand-dyed sock yarn from BitsyKnits that very much reminded me of the colors Jacey was using in her wonky bee quilt.

Jacey's birthday scarf

Jacey is one of my best customers and recently she requested that I weave a scarf for a gift. Like me, she delves into many different crafts, but she has yet to take up weaving. I thought that a woven scarf would make the perfect birthday gift.

Jacey's birthday scarf

I set up the bitsyknits skein as a pooling warp. since the skein length puts limits on your warp length, i had to make a choice between shortish scarf and extra super long scarf (or regular scarf length with lots of loom waste). I opted for the shorter version, reasoning that it's not that cold in Texas and an 8-foot scarf probably isn't necessary. I pulled some orange Funky Carolina sock yarn from my stash to use for the weft.

Jacey's birthday scarf

I don't know if i'll ever get tired of plain weave. it works up so quickly (this scarf only took me a couple hours) and the pooling space-dyed yarn makes it look much more complex than it is. i also really love the pebbly texture of the 2ply yarns. i'm not always the biggest fan of the distinctive look of 2 plies in knitting, but in weaving the rustic texture really works.

I sent this scarf off to Jacey for her birthday last month and now this post has really made me want to weave another one.


Ella said...

It's gorgeous!

cauchy09 said...

oh, this is so lovely. hooray!

Dk's Wife said...

The scarf is beautiful. The colors are great!

Carla said...

It is gorgeous! You are an excellent weaver : )

Jacey said...

I really, really love it. Thank you again! The colors are so fun and it's actually been cold enough to wear it a few times so far! You're the best, Sara!

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