Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pretty Fabric Day: Natural Dyeing

Natural dyeing

I dyed more fat quarters, this time with onion skin and annatto seed. If you click the picture there are notes on flickr with the details. I think my favorite is the essex linen at the bottom. it has such a rich color and the texture is amazing. i really like the un-mordanted lemon yellow fabric on the far right as well. it's fun to see how much variation you can get by using different fibers, mordants, and time in the dyebath. i haven't even begun to experiment with color modifiers yet. I think with the white on white prints I need to not leave them in the dyebath for too long. The white ink starts to pick up color after awhile and makes the print hard to see.

just for kicks, i took a picture of my naturally dyed stash altogether. i can't wait to add some cooler tones to that stack. methinks i might be ready to try indigo when the weather warms up.

Natural dyeing


capitolaquilter said...

your natural dye is amazing and it makes me want to give it a try some day. Love the shades created.

dkswife said...

You are an awesome dyer. Oh my, it is lovely.

Jacey said...

Wow, I freaking love the array of yellows. That Essex Linen does look decadent, as does the Seed Catalogue print. Well done!

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