Monday, February 18, 2013

more do. good stitches

do. good stitches HAVEN February

I finished my second word for do. good stitches. Elizabeth of oh fransson fame generously donated her refrigerator magnets pattern to the group. I had never done freezer paper piecing before. the process sounded very tedious to me so i hadn't been excited to try it. i was happily surprised to learn that it was actually pretty fun. i think i enjoyed it more than the standard way of paper piecing. i used more of my hand-dyed solids, a snippet of pearl bracelet in pale pink, and some grey michael miller cotton couture. i made the medium lower-case letters and used .75" strips in between letters. i broke out my 1/4" walking foot and it paired nicely with the paper piecing method, though it will always freak me out that i have to move my needle position all the way to 6.5 to use it.

i also got to try out my new iron, a replacement for my old cheapie that was on the verge of dying. i am not planning to ever put water in this iron in the hopes of prolonging its life, so i can't comment on steam capabilities. but it's quite heavy and does a great job pressing seams open. Spicy is annoyed by the beeping sounds, but hopefully he'll learn to live with it.

do. good stitches HAVEN February

i made this test block awhile back for a different project. it occurred to me that the color scheme will fit in nicely with my HAVEN quilt, so i set it aside for that purpose. i used the fons and porter pyramid ruler to make 4 inch triangles.


Dk's Wife said...

I love the word quilt pieces! The colors are pretty, and it is very nice to see inspiration given to those who are experiencing bad patches in their life.

Elaine said...

Your words look great-- this is going to be such a wonderful quilt!

Courtney said...

Looks great - I am hoping to do my word tonight or tomorrow. How big did yours turn out? Just wondering so mine is not too big or too small. Thanks!

Jacey said...

The hand-dyed fabrics look incredible in that block. Truly! And your triangle points are so accurate!

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