Friday, February 08, 2013

Friday Favorites

Things have been hectic at Chez knottygnome. I haven't had much time to take photos but hopefully next week I'll have more to show. Until then, there's always favorites.

Friday Favorites 02/08
1. Little Windows Front, 2. Front, 3. Lone Starburst Pillow Top, 4. And it's done. (Takes a little bow) @allieheath @robertkaufman kona new colours charm pack, white kona, architextures and modern quilts., 5. 29:365 Who doesn't love a well-behaved puppy?, 6. Layer Cake Quilt, 7. 093, 8. ~19~ there's always bokeh, 9. project bags

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Dk's Wife said...

Well, how can you resist a puppy dog? :)

gingermakes said...


**nicke... said...

great pics and that puppy is adorable!

Jacey said...

Ah, eye candy. I love her puppy pictures. It makes me want to adopt all the pets!

Curly boy said...

Thanks for faving my pillow! :)

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