Friday, February 24, 2017

#20pieces28days Week 4


Day 18: I went to my LYS, so I had to get dressed on Saturday. It was beautiful out--we ended up taking the dogs for a long hike.


Day 20: I probably wouldn't normally wear this shirt and these pants together. I'm definitely running low on combos I haven't worn before.


Day 21: I finished a new camel shawl that I've been itching to wear. It was chilly in the morning but too hot by the afternoon to warrant it. I'm sure this will become one of my go-to cold weather shawls. It's huge and so warm.


Day 22: I really like this outfit. It was warm enough that I didn't need an outer layer.


Day 23: I wish I had picked a different necklace but otherwise this is another classic.


Day 24: It's raining pretty hard today so please excuse my crazy hair. I was going to wear my lowbrow cowl again but at the last minute I grabbed my confetti cake shawl instead. I had to do laundry a day early so that I wouldn't run out of shirts.

Only a few days left. You have no idea how desperately I want to wear different clothes. I think when the challenge is over I will be putting away these items and not pulling them out again for a very long time. I'm even getting sick of my jeans.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

#20pieces28days Week 3

Over the halfway mark.

Days 11-12 (No picture): Weekends have actually been kind of a relief.


Day 13: I've been pulling out all the stops as far as neckwear is concerned. I think I've only worn this shawl once before.


Day 14: Just a little glimpse of my outerwear. I rotate between a variety of hats and two coats. This blanket scarf from ASOS is super thick and warm.


Day 15: This outfit is very blue. I'd normally wear a different outer layer but I'm really trying to vary my outfits more.


Day 16: Another cowl that I never wear. it's actually quite warm and soft. I have kind of rediscovered a few things that I think i'll wear more in the future.


Day 17: The sweater is fun b/c I get to play with necklaces instead of scarves.

I'm at the point where I need to look at past photos to try to pick out combos I haven't worn together before. I've got about 10 days left. I'm looking forward to wrapping this challenge.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Odds 'n Ends February 2017


  • Pod Save America / Pod Save the World podcasts: I've been pretty obsessed with these since I found them. If you aren't liberal, you'll probably hate it. But if you are, they have a nice breakdown of current events every week with calls to action, which has been helpful.
  • Criminal podcast: I started at the beginning and am working my way forward so I still have a lot of episodes to catch up on, but I really like this one. Some of the stories are tragic, some are inspiring, but nearly all of them I've heard so far are worth listening to. They are also nice and short, which is handy if you just want a quick episode to get you through a short knitting or spinning session.


  • Super Bowl 51: ok, i have my issues with certain members of the Patriots. I even told myself I was going to root for Atlanta. but in the end i was glued to my tv (after first turning it off early in the fourth quarter only to turn it back on when i checked the score on my phone) and it was a really fun experience watching the greatest comeback of all time. i still have no idea how the patriots won that game. hopefully the entire team will boycott the white house visit. fingers crossed.


I bought a donut pan and used the recipe that came with it for chocolate donuts. They came out just like mini chocolate cakes and didn't have that denser crunchy donut texture. do you know of any baked donut recipes that taste more like actual cake donuts? asking for a friend.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Cape Cod Socks Release and KAL

Cape Cod Socks

The Cape Cod Socks pattern is now on Ravelry. The pattern is an easy textured cuff-down design that features a half-twisted ribbed cuff, traditional heel flap and gusset with Dutch heel turn, and a spiral toe that does not require grafting. The pattern comes in five sizes from Child to Adult XL. Both written instructions and charts are included. The basketweave texture is easy to memorize and engaging to work. Use your favorite variegated or speckled yarn for a fun alternative to vanilla socks. This pattern was tech edited by Laura Cameron.

Through the end of February, $3 from every pattern sale will be donated to the International Rescue Committee, which helps refugees around the world. Kits will be available in the Sonnet of the Moon etsy shop. $6 from every kit purchase will also be donated to the IRC.

Cape Cod Socks


#0 (2.0mm) 32” circular needles or your favorite sock knitting needles
tapestry needle
4 stitch markers

Cape Cod Socks


XS(S,M,L,XL) to fit Child(Adult S,M,L,XL)
Actual foot circumference before blocking: 5.2(6, 6.4, 7.2, 7.6) in / 13.2(15.2, 16.3, 18.3, 19.3) cm
Aqua sample is shown in size M, grey sample is shown in size L.

Come join the knottygnome crafts Ravelry group. We are doing a KAL for the pattern from now through March 31. Prizes will be given and you will receive bonus entries if you use Sonnet of the Moon yarn.

Friday, February 10, 2017

#20pieces28days Week 2

It's been colder this week. I've been wishing for more and heavier layers.

Day 4 (No picture): So here's how I'm getting around the laundry issue. On weekends when I don't leave the house, I just haven't gotten dressed. Sad perhaps, but it works. I did say that loungewear/sleepwear doesn't count.


Day 5: I recorded a podcast so I had to get dressed. no shoes though.


Day 6: Normally I would not wear black with navy. I've also definitely been pulling out shawls and scarves I don't usually wear in order to add some variety.


Day 7: Case in point? I've never worn this shawl before. it's been kind of fun pulling out neckwear i forgot that i had.


Day 8: I went for comfy sneakers but should've worn an outer layer too. i was cold all day.


Day 9: I'm regretting the lack of color. outfits are starting to feel pretty bland.


Day 10: went for stripes on stripes today because i was so desperate for a pop of color.

as you may have guessed, it's only Week 2 and i'm already starting to get weary of this challenge. I definitely made a few errors in not picking things with more variety. i get that a capsule wardrobe is supposed to be mix and match but i feel like i'm wearing the same thing all the time. it is still easy at this point to put outfits together but i'm starting to see that it will get more challenging to find combos i haven't already worn.


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