Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Odds 'n Ends March 2017

I'm a bit late getting this post up, but March has been kind of blah on new and interesting media content.


  • Harry Potter Audiobooks: so i'm perfectly aware that i'm extremely late to the party on this one, but I just had to comment that Jim Dale is an excellent narrator. I loved his narration on Pushing Daisies and his HP narration is just as good. I'm up to book 6 now and the series has taken up quite a bit of my listening time.
  • Slate's Amicus with Dahlia Lithwick: If you are interested in the Supreme Court, you should listen to this podcast. She has really interesting interviews, often with one of the parties in Supreme Court cases. Though I would recommend skipping the most recent episode, #63, as she talks to an author who wrote a fictional story about the Court and honestly it's kind of stupid. the rest of the episodes she talks about real life stuff though, and it's well worth listening to.


  • iZombie Season 2 (on netflix): I took a break between seasons so it took me a bit to get through this one, but I really enjoyed it. I'm a big Veronica Mars/Party Down fan, so seeing guests from those shows pop up was super fun.

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Podcast Ep 45: A Bunch of Finished Objects

Please join our Ravelry Group. We have two 2017 KALs, the Kindnessalong and the Sockalong, going on over there. Prizes have been announced for the Jan-Feb Sockalong.

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

February 2017 Stash Report


February (and Year-to-Date) Stash Totals

Project Yardage: +4964 (+9632) yds

Incoming Stash Yardage: -3375 (-5549) yds

Difference: +1589 (+4083) yds


Project Weight: +1741 (+3142) g

Incoming Stash Weight: -1140 (-1978) g

Difference: +601 (+1164) g / +1.32 (+2.57) lbs

Notes: I went a little crazy and bought more yarn than I should have. Finishing a long-term sweater project saved me from negative yardage this month.

February (and Year-to-Date) Handspun Totals

Handspun Weight: +14.2 (+27.2) oz

Incoming Fiber Stash Weight: -4 (-8) oz

Difference: +10.2 (+19.2) oz / +.64 (+1.2) lbs


February Project Totals

9 finished objects

  • 3 pairs of socks
  • 3 hats
  • 2 shawls
  • 1 cardigan

For me: 6

For others: 1

For design samples: 2

Disco handspun

3 skeins of handspun

February (and Year-to-Date) handspun yardage: 537 (1068) yds

Active WIPs: 1 pair of socks, 2 blankets, 1 handspun project

Abandoned 2017 WIPs: 0

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

#20pieces28days Wrap-up


Day 27: Somehow I managed to find a combo I hadn't worn yet.


Day 28: For the last day, I went with comfort.

Originally I thought I would do this challenge in February, make some adjustments, and try it again in the spring. Yeah, I'm scrapping that idea.

Around mid-month, I started to look longingly in my closet at all the clothes that I wasn't allowed to wear. By the end of the month, I was ready to put away every single piece and not look at any of them again for a very long time. The capsule wardrobe just isn't for me. Whether it's true or not, I started to feel in the latter half of the month that my co-workers were judging me for wearing the same thing all the time. I also have some pretty compelling evidence that my Instagram audience hated it. I shed many followers during February.

I prefer more variety with my clothes. I feel like I'm reasonably good about making and purchasing things that I can wear with many outfits. I also make a point to purge regularly so I don't keep things I don't wear.

I also found that the capsule wardrobe is fairly inflexible in regard to weather changes. We had some unusual big swings in temperature this month. Although I tried to go middle-of-the-road in terms of warmth, sometimes I found I didn't have enough layers, and sometimes I really needed short-sleeves.

It was an interesting challenge and I'm glad that I gave it a try, but I won't be signing up for it long-term. I still have admiration for the idea of a capsule wardrobe, but it just doesn't fit with my own life.

Friday, February 24, 2017

#20pieces28days Week 4


Day 18: I went to my LYS, so I had to get dressed on Saturday. It was beautiful out--we ended up taking the dogs for a long hike.


Day 20: I probably wouldn't normally wear this shirt and these pants together. I'm definitely running low on combos I haven't worn before.


Day 21: I finished a new camel shawl that I've been itching to wear. It was chilly in the morning but too hot by the afternoon to warrant it. I'm sure this will become one of my go-to cold weather shawls. It's huge and so warm.


Day 22: I really like this outfit. It was warm enough that I didn't need an outer layer.


Day 23: I wish I had picked a different necklace but otherwise this is another classic.


Day 24: It's raining pretty hard today so please excuse my crazy hair. I was going to wear my lowbrow cowl again but at the last minute I grabbed my confetti cake shawl instead. I had to do laundry a day early so that I wouldn't run out of shirts.

Only a few days left. You have no idea how desperately I want to wear different clothes. I think when the challenge is over I will be putting away these items and not pulling them out again for a very long time. I'm even getting sick of my jeans.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

#20pieces28days Week 3

Over the halfway mark.

Days 11-12 (No picture): Weekends have actually been kind of a relief.


Day 13: I've been pulling out all the stops as far as neckwear is concerned. I think I've only worn this shawl once before.


Day 14: Just a little glimpse of my outerwear. I rotate between a variety of hats and two coats. This blanket scarf from ASOS is super thick and warm.


Day 15: This outfit is very blue. I'd normally wear a different outer layer but I'm really trying to vary my outfits more.


Day 16: Another cowl that I never wear. it's actually quite warm and soft. I have kind of rediscovered a few things that I think i'll wear more in the future.


Day 17: The sweater is fun b/c I get to play with necklaces instead of scarves.

I'm at the point where I need to look at past photos to try to pick out combos I haven't worn together before. I've got about 10 days left. I'm looking forward to wrapping this challenge.


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