Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Daisy takes Manhattan

Daisy at Radio City Music Hall

We had a fun and eventful time in New York City. Daisy was terrified at first, but by the end she was walking like a pro. At one point we were getting stopped literally at every block by someone wanting to tell us how awesome she was. We also got Hank Azaria to smile at us in Central Park. I can't seem to get anybody to care about that story, but we were excited about it.

We were visiting my husband's family and birthdays and new babies were involved so i made some stuff. unfortunately i don't have good pictures b/c i waited until the last minute (of course) and there just wasn't time. i worked on the very last thing in the car and finished it in our hotel room the evening we got to Manhattan.

Pembroke vest for my nephew #knitting #petitepurls

My nephew got a Pembroke vest from DIC classy. I knit the 12 month size and as always, I ran out of yarn. I used a tiny bit of Berroco Vintage to finish the collar. I sewed a pair of quick change trousers from my favorite narwhals fabric and some michael miller dots.

I also made a stripey raglan hoodie for my nephew out of madelinetosh vintage and berroco vintage. the picture doesn't do the colors justice. the madtosh tart and baltic look really nice together. i'd use this color combo again.

Little geranium for my new niece #briarrose #madebyrae

For my new niece on the way, I made a Little Geranium top in Briar Rose and a Wee Liesl cardigan from Wollmeise Twin. Both patterns are sweet and reasonably fast. I want to make another version for my other niece later this year.

for some reason i always forget how long it takes to knit. even though they are kids clothes, i had to work really hard to get everything done in time for the trip. and yet no matter how many times i remind myself not to procrastinate, i'm sure i'll do it again.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Q2 FAL Goals

Finish Along 2014

Time to make a new list for the Finish Along 2014. I did a decent job with my Q1 list, but the sewing/quilting pile suffered b/c of my sewing machine woes.

WIPs and UFOs

  1. Yay
    Kaleidoscope: I didn't get to this one in Q1. I'd really like to finish it this time.
  2. Wonky Bee Round 3
    wonky bee solids quilt: I got all the blocks back for my quilt ages ago. I was holding out because I really needed a design wall in order to figure out the layout. well, now i have one. so no more excuses.
  3. Just red and blue left #scraprepublic #quilting
    scrap volume: i still only have red and blue left to piece. This one really nicely put a dent in my smallest scraps. I'd like to finish it and make a wallhanging for my bedroom.
  4. Day 8: Challenging
    Spicy's 2nd quarter socks: I have one finished furlough sock that i knit about 2 years ago. i just need to finish the second. yes, sadly enough i get tired of knitting my own patterns sometimes. i don't have a pic of the socks in progress, but you can see what they look like from the first pair i knit.
  5. Postage stamp #quilting
    Leaders/enders quilt: i have about half of my scrappy 16-patches finished. i should really devote some time to it and get it done.
  6. Yay sewing machine, back in action #xandplus #scrappyblockswap
    X & + swap blocks: i really need to get these done by May.

New projects

  1. 3.8 oz superwash merino/cashmere
    Spin a pound of fiber: These are the superwash merino/cashmere batts that I've been working on. I'd like to spin at least a pound of fiber this quarter. That's only about 4 skeins or so--should be doable.
  2. do. good stitches blocks
    do. good stitches bee quilt: May is my turn to be the quilter. I've already planned out what I'd like to do, but it'll stay secret for now. The picture shows the April DGS blocks I just finished.

I have a few other projects that I need to finish this quarter but they have to stay off the list.

Monday, April 07, 2014

scrappy trips for do. good stitches

do. good stitches blocks

This month for do. good stitches, CosbyGriffin asked for scrappy trips blocks. Thankfully they were easy and fast to make. This color scheme is not one I'm normally drawn to, but I really like the way these blocks look. One of these days I might have to make a quilt from these colors myself.

Friday, April 04, 2014

Zebras, etc.

Equus Quagga

I've been sick again. my poor sewing machine has been neglected, though I did start my bee blocks last night. I just realized that we're going to NYC next weekend and all the stuff i had to get done before then actually really needs to get done very soon.

I got the rights back for my Equus Quagga pattern, so expect to see a single pattern download available in the near future. the sudden 8 inches of snow I woke up to last weekend really paid off, though i sincerely hope it was for the last time this season.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Friday, March 28, 2014

Stashdown Check-in: March

I've accomplished very little this month. Remember that screeching sound my sewing machine was making? I took it in to be serviced and they allegedly fixed it. Then my machine sat idle for a week b/c of illness and when I finally started using it again, the sound came back after 30 minutes. So I took it back to the repair shop and was without my machine for another week. I just got my machine back and have used it sparingly so who knows if the sound is really gone this time. if it's not i will do my best to deal with it (although it really does drive me and the dog absolutely crazy) and if it's unbearable i will look into getting a different machine *sad face*. i'm pretty frustrated, honestly.

other excuses for lowered productivity: the aforementioned illness and trying to design 4 new things simultaneously. if only i could grow an extra set of hands.

what did i buy this month? i got a curvemaster foot which so far is a complete disaster. the feeddogs will not move the fabric while the foot is on my machine, so the needle just stitches in place. methinks a return may be in order if i can't get it working soon. i also bought a postal scale for the crafts business but it's also very handy for weighing my cats (assuming you can get them to hold still in a box long enough to weigh them). oh yeah and I did get a few skeins of free yarn because of the dirty pole. that's it. however, we are traveling to NYC next month for a weekend and i'm already planning to break my stash fast. b/c everyone knows that buying stuff while on vacation doesn't count as stashing. or something.

my stash does not seem to be decreasing at all. partly because most of my sewing projects have used scraps rather than stash (though the scraps don't ever seem to get smaller either) and partly because my yarn/fiber storage is an unorganized nightmare and it looks a mess whether i'm using it or not. i think i'm actually doing a decent job on that front, though who can tell for sure?

Here's a list of finished projects since my last check-in, with (*) next to items that were on my original Stashdown list:

Here's my current list of WIPs that I worked on since the last check-in, with (*) next to items that were on my original Stashdown list:

Also, my UFOs. * puts it on my original Stashdown list.

My remaining Stashdown goals that I haven't gotten to (No change from February):

  1. Albion coat for Spicy
  2. Mail sack bag
  3. I Heart Cardigans
  4. spin a sweater quantity of pin-drafted cormo cross
  5. HST quilt with my chicopee bundle
  6. Heather Ross economy block baby quilt
  7. Complete 2 do. good stitches quilts--one twin, one lap
  8. Try needle-turn applique
  9. Knit a pair of socks for Spicy every quarter (Q1 finished, 3 more quarters to go)

At least I got a decent amount of knitting done. Let's hope that April is better. Be sure to visit Jess at the Elven Garden to track others' progress.

Monday, March 24, 2014

*Safe to knit while ill

Sometimes I think that patterns should come with more specific designations. *More counting, less chatting or *Save the glass of wine for after the AT THE SAME TIME directions. When I was at home sick for almost a week, this was the only pattern I felt I could work on knowing that I wouldn't make any unfixable mistakes. I tried to cast-on for a pair of 2-at-a-time socks at first and it was a total disaster. This pattern was *Safe to knit while ill.

Feather and Fan Comfort Shawl

Pattern: Feather and Fan Comfort Shawl
Size: Embiggened
Yarn: 2ply handspun polwarth/mixed bfl/silk from three waters farm
Needles: 10 or 10.5 circs. i'm not really sure.
Started: March 9, Finished: March 15

Feather and Fan Comfort Shawl

I knit until I ran out of yarn. I only had a few inches left. I didn't measure the shawl but it's pretty large. I couldn't decide the entire time while I was knitting whether the yarn was butt-ugly or if it was nice. I combined 2 different colorways and I'm surprised how the bright colors dominated and how stripey it looks. If you look closely the yarn has a mottled appearance. In the end I think it is kind of pretty. The finished yarn has a nice drape and it blocked beautifully.

Feather and Fan Comfort Shawl

This is a gift shawl. it'll be tucked away until the appropriate time.

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