Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Storenvy sale: All Quilts 50% off

I anticipate there being many more quilts this year, so it's time to clear out some room. All quilts in the shop are now 50% off. If you've been looking for a special gift there are some amazing deals available. We have mostly baby quilts but a few lap-sized quilts and even a NSFW anti-Valentine's Day wall-hanging. Prices are as marked.

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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Quilt Revival

2018 has already taken a surprising turn for me. I've recently fallen in love again with quilting. I've never been super thrilled with the aspect of basting and quilting a large blanket. I don't really have the space to baste, and it absolutely kills my bad back having to spend large amounts of time leaned over on the floor. But I've given quilt as you go (QAYG) techniques another try and it's opened up a whole new world for me.

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I finished this small-ish QAYG wonky log cabin. it's based on the very old sewtakeahike tutorial. Now, I don't care for this particular method of QAYG because you still have to baste and quilt the backing on, which kind of defeats the point for me. So instead of making a large bed quilt like I had originally planned, I settled on twelve 16" square blocks and added QAYG borders to make the size a bit larger. The final dimensions pre-washing are 60" wide x 76" long.

I can't remember the last time I finished a quilt. The quilts in my house are definitely showing their age, so I'm happy to donate one of them to our local animal shelter and this one will be a new couch quilt.

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So my goal is still to make a large quilt for our bed. In the winter we use a down comforter, but in the summer I've never managed to make a quilt big enough to cover our bed, so we resort to using two quilts. I decided to give a different type of QAYG a try. I'm doing these 8x16" herringbone blocks. There's no surface quilting on the front, which makes them go super fast, and the piecing doubles as quilting on the back. The backs are all shades of blue. I will make 72 blocks and join them with narrow twin finishing strips. I'm able to do 2 blocks a day in about 45 minutes, so I'm very happy with how this is going so far. I'm also using up tons of my 2.5" strips for this project.

Have I mentioned how much I love scrappy quilts? They are my absolute favorite.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Show Notes for Podcast Ep 54: Lovefool MKAL

Please join our Ravelry Group. We're hosting the Lovefool Socks Mystery Knitalong 2018 starting January 19.

We have some amazing sponsors:

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

2017 Final Stash Report and Goals

So I was total crap at publicly tracking my stash. I last did one of these in April. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

2017 Stash Totals

Project Yardage: +39163 yds

Incoming Stash Yardage: -38533 yds

Difference: +630 yds

Project Weight: +11440 g

Incoming Stash Weight: -10783 g

Difference: +657 g / +1.45 lbs

So I barely ended up in the black for 2017, but I just managed it. I'm going to try to do better in 2018. Also, I can't believe I used nearly 40000 yds.

2017 Handspun Totals

Handspun Weight: +90.67 oz

Incoming Fiber Stash Weight: -81.94 oz

Difference: +8.73 oz / +.55 lbs

I started the year strong with spinning, but tapered off towards the end. I ended up basically removing 2 braids from my stash overall. not great, but better than adding to it.

2017 Project Totals

79 finished objects

  • 35 pairs of socks
  • 22 hats
  • 9 neckwear items
  • 6 handwear items
  • 7 sweaters

For me: 37

For others: 23

For design samples: 19

20 skeins of handspun

2017 Handspun yardage: 5784 yds

Active WIPs: 2 pairs of socks, 2 blankets

Abandoned 2017 WIPs: 4

2017 Goals

Crafty/Business Goals

  1. Do what I feel like doing: I did a pretty decent job of this. I designed what I wanted to design for the most part and took breaks when I felt like it. I did get a little tired of knitting gift hats by the end but i managed it. Check
  2. Knit 26 pairs of socks: I finished 35, so Check
  3. Knit 12 Personal Sock Club socks: I knit all 12 skeins but changed it during the year so I could knit what I wanted/needed (not all were socks) Most of a Check?
  4. Knit 12 Desert Vista Dyeworks socks: Check!
  5. Knit 1 square a day on my sock yarn blanket: nope. i always seem to peter out during the summer. Fail
  6. Finish Granny Rectangle Blanket: I put it away after April and got it out in December. I've added a couple more inches to it recently but it's not done. Fail
  7. Knit 3 sweaters: I can't believe I finished 7 sweaters this year. Check +
  8. Reduce my stash: Ehhhh, I mean, kind of? technically i did but not by much. I'd like to do better in 2018. Weak Check
  9. Limit crafty stash/pattern purchases to immediate cast-ons: I'd say I did better but not great on this. at the end I did buy 2 more sweater quantities, which isn't ideal. Fail
  10. Podcast once a month: i think i did until December. Vlogging killed my mojo. Fail
  11. Publish 4 designs: I published 17 patterns in 2017. definitely my best year ever. Check +
  12. Keep up with business bookkeeping: I got lazy towards the end of the year. better but not perfect. Fail

Life Goals

  1. Do Capsule Wardrobe challenge once a quarter: I actually mostly did this. i've learned that a very loose capsule is what works for me and i don't know that a rigid structure will ever really be my thing. but i have learned a bit about relying on fewer things and it's made me want to make more of my own clothes in 2018. so i would call this a success. 3/4 of a check
  2. Cook/bake more: I really didn't do much of this at all. Fail
  3. Be more frugal: nor this. Fail

I don't know that I'm really in the mood this year to do goals for 2018. I really did not think about my goals at all for 2017 after the first quarter so I don't know that it helps me much with motivation. but hey, it was fun to look back on the year at everything i accomplished. 2017 was a pretty crap year emotionally and life-wise, but at least the crafty part was productive. Perhaps crafting helped keep me sane so that's why there was so much of it.

Friday, December 01, 2017

Show Notes for knottygnome crafts podcast Ep 53.3-4 Vlogvember Weeks 3-4

Please join our Ravelry Group. We're wrapping up our two 2017 KALs, the Kindnessalong and the Sockalong. Final prizes will be awarded in the January episode. We're taking the rest of the year off, so no new episodes until 2018.

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